Paddle Punk

Our Story

Our story begins one winter's evening in 2021. The practice of socializing in the hut after a hard-fought platform tennis (paddle) match was routine. Whether we emerged victorious or found ourselves on the losing end, we enjoyed the camaraderie that followed, always vying to "win the hut." We thanked our team captain with a hoodie bearing the motto "Win The Hut." People liked it. We then designed a t-shirt that humorously declared "Stretching is for Tennis Players." People thought it was funny. We discovered people enjoyed this touch of self-deprecating humor that captured the essence and enjoyment of the game we all love to play.

As the paddle season drew to a close and the warm weather beckoned, it was time to switch to pickleball. Maintaining the same level of camaraderie among players, we created "Zero Zero Start" and, during the Fourth of July holiday, presented "Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Pickleball" t-shirts. To infuse some zest into our expanding collection, we introduced Pickle Punk and Paddle Punk. Our sole objective was to have fun with this endeavor, creating items that would bring smiles to the faces of those who share our passion for these two exceptionally enjoyable and widely popular games. Pickleball and Platform Tennis are indeed extraordinarily fun games, highly addictive and immensely popular. We enjoy capturing their spirit and conveying the positive vibes they exude, and we hope that you, too, will discover an item that brings a smile to your face because after all, every paddle fanatic knows it's More Than a Game, It's a Way of Life.